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Alright, I have to get to bed in about 7.5 minutes. LOL Big day at the new job tomorrow, but I just couldn't leave well enough alone tonight.

I started my night looking at Chicago again. Then I decided to start putting a tree up on Ancestry. Well...once I started entering in my Scottish roots, BAM! Connection after connection after connection.

I found out my great uncle James McDiarmaid's body was never recovered after an attack during WW1. He is mentioned on the Monument at Vimy. He had 2 other brothers who died in the War as well.
I started making further connections with Archibald and his family. Turns out, my aunt had a last name wrong for his wife. Mable Hutchison, was actually Mable Hutchings. The McDiarmaids and Hutchings were on neighbouring land in Poplar Lake outside of Edmonton. By the time the family moved to Evansburg, Archibald and Mable must have been an item. *wink wink*

I entered quite a bit of information down tonight in Ancestry, and I've got a lot of catch up to do in Skeletongen now. But it is so worth it. I've traced my McDiarmaids back to Duncan McDermid/McDermaid in 1811 Rosshire, Scotland. His Wife Isabella was also born in 1811, in Lairg, Scotland. These 2 were obviously destined to meet, as the 2 places are nowhere near each other. Then they travelled en masse with their kids throughout all of Northern Scotland, eventually ending up in Wick, Caithness, Scotland, where Duncan and Isabella's son James met and married my Great Grandmother Jessie Grant. The 2 of them eventually moved to Canada with their family, ending us up in Alberta.

I "may" have found a marriage record for Duncan and Isabella, but I'm going to need to research a bit more before I'm 100% that I'm there with it. The placing is right, but unfortunately, Scotland isn't very forthcoming with the information, and it costs an arm and a leg to prove anything through them. The Census records from 1851 and up, I've nailed, and proven the family line. Prior to that's sketchy. And I'm now 8 minutes past my bedtime.

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend.


Jessie Grant and James McDiarmaid, formerly of Scotland and their family. L-R Top Row: Margaret, James, Alexander, John, Archibald L-R Middle Row: Duncan, James (Father), Colin, Jessie (Mother), Benjamin L-R Bottom Row: Bob, Isabel, Jessie Photo Taken after moving to Evansburg, Alberta

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